“See For Yourself”

August 31, 2015
“See For Yourself”

The North Face has established itself as a brand synonymous with adventure, but it took its identity a step further with the “See For Yourself” campaign. In a series of web videos, a North Face taxi picks up unsuspecting New Yorkers and asks them if they’re willing to clear their schedule and embark on an adventure. The results are wild, inspiring, and enviable -- and set to the soundtrack of two Music Dealers artists.







The Challenge

Finding Songs for Multiple Spots

The “See For Yourself” campaign includes several online videos, each of which details a specific adventure. The activities portrayed include rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking, and a cross-country roadtrip. The brand needed songs for the rock climbing and surfing videos -- both challenging and exhilarating endeavors.

The Solution

Indie Artists

For the rock climbing video, the client selected “Arms” by indie artist 90 Pounds of Pete. The track grows and builds, just like the adrenaline felt by the climber as he nears the top. For the surfing video, the client selected Colorstarr’s “Do it Again,” an optimistic track with a driving beat that reflects the surfer’s determination.

The Result

The Sound of Adventure

The unique and genuine nature of our indie artists creates a sound that is perfect for the “See For Yourself” videos. “Arms” and “Do it Again” match the epic vibe that is prevalent during each adventure, extending the emotions felt by the participants and igniting excitement within the viewer. The campaign garnered national attention and both artists have seen a 50% increase in YouTube video views since the web spots aired.

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