"Songs Of Color"

November 25, 2014
"Songs Of Color"

Story Bots, a digital platform created by Jib Jab as an educational tool for kids, hosted an engaging series of videos about colors on its YouTube page and website, featuring custom composed raps by Music Dealers artist JDP. Each video in the series focuses on the exploration of a specific color, the execution of which is playfully inundated with adorable animation, thematic imagery and original hip-hop music. Though primarily targeting young children, JDP wrote the music for each of the six songs with the same discerning quality of any acclaimed single.




Rob Lindquist, Creative Director




The Challenge

For The Kids

Music discovery dominates the music industry across all demographics - including, it seems, young children. For this reason, JibJab contracted Music Dealers in order to pair its video series about colors with original lyrics and music. Having worked with Jib Jab on a few custom opps in the past, Music Dealers demonstrated its ability to craft engaging, original content and execute a client’s creative vision.

The Solution

Custom Music

The primary liaison between Music Dealers and our global community of independent artists, MD Director of Artist Services Rob Lindquist reached out to several artists and received numerous submissions for the first video, “Blue”. JDP, a Chicago-based hip-hop artist with a few placements under his belt, won JibJab over due to his unique style, voice and writing. His rendition of “Blue” is an artful crossroads between educational humor and sophisticated composition.

The Result

Six Song Series

Following the successful composition of “Blue,” Jib Jab requested JDP create original music for all six of the “Songs About Colors” series. In order to successfully complete the colorful project, Music Dealers maintained close communication with the artist, producer and client. As a result of the collaborative process, Jib Jab came away with six superbly written songs to help educate children in a new, fun way.

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