“Start Weekending: An Instant”

September 16, 2014
“Start Weekending: An Instant”

Visa promotes the pursuit of everyday happiness in its video “Start Weekending: An Instant”, which portrays various people indulging in weekend fun, from blowing gigantic bubbles to splattering pints of paint against a canvas. Accompanied by the song “Atlas” by Music Dealers artist Starships, the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman narrates that “the weekend feeling starts with a moment … regardless of the day.” “Atlas” complements the build-up of the slow-motion cinematography as viewers share in the individual instances that transform a typical day into a weekend.




Jessie LaBelle, Creative Director


The Challenge

Working with the Weekend

As Music Dealers Creative Jessie LaBelle started her weekend one Saturday, she received an urgent call from music agency MAS regarding a project it was working on with creative agency MRY and Visa for the brand’s “Start Weekending” campaign. The spot was a beautifully inspiring, slow-motion mosaic of memorable weekending fun. The client needed a song that could both match the cinematography and embody that illustrious feeling of the weekend.

The Solution

Breakneck Music Supervision

Employing some MD hustle, Jessie carefully crafted a playlist of songs from the Music Dealers catalog that she thought fit Visa’s campaign and video. From the list, the client selected “Atlas” by MD artist Starships, a Swedish post-rock band with a flair for cinematic sounds. Jessie then worked with the artist to re-record parts of “Atlas” and create a customized sync for the edit - all during that same weekend.

The Result

Internet Famous

From the creative collaboration between Music Dealers, the artist, and the agencies, Visa’s original edit flourished into a stunning production that synced perfectly with Starships’ music. In parallel with its cinematography, “Atlas” incorporates a dramatic crescendo of uplifting notes that mirrors the spot’s slow-motion celebration. Though the spot was placed on the web solely through the brand’s social media, “An Instant” generated nearly 10 million views in its first month.

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