"Taste The Feeling"

February 23, 2016
"Taste The Feeling"

In January, Coca-Cola revealed their new global marketing campaign titled “Taste the Feeling” which, for the first time ever, featured all Coca-Cola trademark products under one iconic brand – Coca-Cola. The “Taste the Feeling” campaign brings to life the idea that drinking a Coca-Cola is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.

Coca-Cola has a long-standing history of programs and partnerships in music dating back to the 1890’s and continues to use music to create an emotional connection between consumers and the brand. The “Taste the Feeling” song was created to celebrate the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola and plays an important role in connecting consumers with the campaign.




Tim Lincoln, Director Of Creative Music Dealers

The Challenge

A Global Anthem

From distributing sheet music for family sing-a-longs in 1905 and “teaching the world to sing” with the famous “Hilltop” commercial in 1971, to a partnership with global streaming service Spotify in 2012, music has always played important role in brand marketing for Coca-Cola. The song for the “Taste the Feeling” campaign would be no different. It needed to reinforce the campaign’s core creative idea that the simple pleasure of drinking a Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola, makes the moment more special. Just as the world’s No. 1 beverage brand is universally enjoyed across the globe, the song would have to appeal to a worldwide audience and be shareable on a global platform.

The Solution

Custom Music

As Coca-Cola’s global music partner on the project, Music Dealers crowdsourced our community of emerging artists to craft an original song for the new campaign. Music Dealers’ Director of Creative, Tim Lincoln, coordinated with the production trio Space Camp, a seasoned group of veteran artists who we have worked with on several projects over the years. Comprised of Scott Fritz, Jeremy Bircher, and Josh Jones, Space Camp produced the song “Taste the Feeling” from studios in Hawaii, Chicago, and Portland with close coordination throughout by Music Dealers. After its creation, Music Dealers pitched the song to Coca-Cola and it was selected!

The Result

A Winning Combination

The original recording of “Taste the Feeling” by Space Camp features an anthemic chorus, beautiful acoustics, and rousing harmonies that together define the sonic identity of the new campaign. Joe Belliotti, Group Director, Music for The Coca-Cola Company stated “as we searched for the perfect song this one stood out from day one as something really special.” After selecting the Space Camp song, Coca-Cola collaborated with agency Deviant Ventures to tap renowned artist Avicii to produce an electronic-inspired version of the original recording of the “Taste the Feeling” anthem featuring newcomer Conrad Sewell on vocals.

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