The Story of Bucketfeet

October 12, 2015
The Story of Bucketfeet

Bucketfeet is a shoe brand like no other, as explained by co-founders Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein in this video, “The Story of Bucketfeet.” After meeting each other in Argentina, the two eventually built Bucketfeet as a brand committed to collaborating with artists and telling their stories one pair of shoes at a time. To support the narrative of “The Story of Bucketfeet,” the brand’s Creative Director Michael Saint-Aubin paired the video with VALLEYHILL, an emerging band out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, whose story and sound both fit the brand’s message perfectly.

“VALLEYHILL’s song “Fences” was a great fit for our brand video. It really complimented the visual tone of the video as well as dialogue.”
Michael Saint-Aubin
“A lot of times we try to write songs that allow us to paint a picture of the content. Licensing is the coolest thing for that reason -- pairing the audio and visual effectively; and we’ve been so fortunate to work with you all to put our music with the visual content your clients have.”
Bryan Wehrkamp







Fences (Instrumental)

The Challenge

Music That Supports

The video balances visual and verbal storytelling to narrate the history and mission of Bucketfeet, highlighting the beautiful designs of the brand’s artists as well as sharing the direct testimony of co-founders Nemani and Firestein. Accordingly, the video called for a song that would support the vocal storyline of the co-founders, as well as sonically paint the brand’s identity in the same way its artists do with their designs.

The Solution

Music Search Platform

Bucketfeet Creative Director Michael Saint-Aubin searched the Music Dealers catalog using our search tool to find the best song to fit his brand. VALLEYHILL’s track, “Fences (Instrumental)”, is tagged with keywords such as “Shimmering,” “Positive/Optimistic,” and “Builds/Grows,” among others, so users like Saint-Aubin can easily target the song that best suits the emotional needs of their stories.

The Result

On-Brand Sync

Music blog Rock and Roll Creations described “Fences” as “an anthem of a song with a catchy chorus that stays with you long after it has been played.” That emotive power of VALLEYHILL’s music lent itself perfectly to the inspiring story of the Bucketfeet brand, resulting in a video that succinctly, yet aptly communicates the ethos of the brand.

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