“The World is Ours” Indonesian Localization

October 9, 2014
“The World is Ours” Indonesian Localization

Coca-Cola Indonesia enlisted Music Dealers to help spread Coke’s FIFA World Cup anthem, “The World Is Ours,” to the archipelago by scouting Indonesian artists for a native adaptation of the original English version, a challenge for which Indonesian singer-songwriter Millane Fernandez was the apt solution. In order to spread the Brazilian experience to the rest of the world, and to likewise deliver global flavors back to Brazil, Coca-Cola launched an ambitious campaign to create localized versions of the song in countries around the world.




Joshua Burke, VP, Global Account Director


David Correy

The World Is Ours (Feat. Millane Fernandez)

The Challenge

Finding a Star

Coca-Cola Indonesia asked Music Dealers to find an Indonesian artist whose natural style fit with the energy of “The World is Ours,” which is an infectious blend of American pop and Brazilian samba that sounds the way Carnival in Rio de Janeiro feels. Music Dealers was to help record the local version of the anthem and schedule live performances, press opportunities, create music videos, and more.

The Solution

One Song, Two Voices

Music Dealers scoured the native talent of Indonesia in search of an artist whose sound matched the charisma of the song and the positivity of the campaign. An Indonesian singer-songwriter with cultural roots as diverse as Coca-Cola’s “The World’s Cup” campaign, Millane Fernandez was a natural selection for the project. “Dunia Kita (The World is Ours)” blends Fernandez’ upbeat vocals and Indonesian lyrics with the pop beat of the original.

The Result

Out of 32 Versions, The Top Song

Grossing over 4 million views on YouTube, Millane Fernandez’ “Dunia Kita (The World is Ours)” with David Correy earned the most social media engagement and the most views online of all 32 local versions of the FIFA World Cup anthem. With the captivating vocals of Millane Fernandez, Music Dealers and Coca-Cola crafted a song that delivered a little bit of Indonesia back to Brazil.

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