"Wall and Chain"

February 17, 2015
"Wall and Chain"

As the world recognized the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Airbnb contributed to the global celebration with its moving video “Wall and Chain”, whose music helps communicate this uniquely inspiring campaign. A tale only possible through Airbnb, the story of Jörg, Cathrine and Kai captivates viewers as they demonstrate the liberties that belonging anywhere affords. Throughout the video, the custom song “Petit Oiseau” by Music Dealers artist Nick Seeley narrates their journey with an artfully composed melody that perfectly embodies Airbnb’s sonic identity.




Tim Lincoln, Director Of Creative Music Dealers


Nick Seeley

Petit Oiseau [Custom - Airbnb]

The Challenge

Breakthrough Music

Under the expert direction of their amazing marketing content team, Airbnb decided to craft an animated adaptation of Jörg’s story rather than feature live actors in order to increase the universality of the story’s message. Similarly, as production company Psyop developed the “Wall and Chain” film, Airbnb contacted Music Dealers to discover an evocative song that could break through barriers in its own right and match the emotional power of the spot.

The Solution

Custom Composition

Just as the inspiring story of Cathrine, Kai and Jörg is unique, the film required a distinctive sound constructed specially for the campaign. Music Dealers Creative Director Tim Lincoln sourced the MD global community of independent artists and challenged them to create a song that could aptly express the tenderness of the spot. After reviewing the submissions, Airbnb decided on “Petit Oiseau” by Austin-based composer, Nick Seeley.

The Result

Multicultural Affect

An emotional campaign that encourages viewers to break down barriers of all kinds, “Wall and Chain” builds brand awareness by promoting the company’s message of belonging anywhere. In only six days, the video garnered 2,300,000 views on YouTube, over 2000 favorites on Twitter, and over 250,000 views on Facebook. Additionally, the project was selected as a 2015 AICE finalist for Original Music and earned Bronze at the 2015 London International Awards in the Music Original – Underscore category. With the gentle cadence of Nick Seeley’s “Petit Oiseau,” music helped share Jörg’s story with the world.

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