"Whites & Stripes"

March 5, 2014
Joe Fresh "Whites & Stripes"

As spring of 2014 approached, Canadian apparel brand Joe Fresh prepared for the industry’s busy season with their commercial “Whites & Stripes,” in which a fashionable woman in white denim ignores a shadowy man as he parades around her, tempting her to dance. Joe Fresh, the north-of-the-border curator of modern style and accessible design, turned to Music Dealers to help acquire an indie sound in time for spring that could knock consumers’ socks off (and encourage them to buy a new pair at Joe Fresh).

I can't describe what this means to me and a lot of stuff around me. I bought an old church with some friends and we are building a studio and concert house of it. This will make a big difference. Plus some master on my new songs.
Anna Ihlis




Tattoo Sound


The Challenge

Music Selection That Stands Out

To cut through the slew of retail commercials that would air in the spring, Joe Fresh needed a song that could transcend the TV screen and connect with potential shoppers via a deeper channel than solely visuals. Just as the brand connects shoppers with fashionable styles, its commercial would need a fashionable song for “Whites & Stripes” to land with viewers and convey a central brand essence through the music.

The Solution

Collaborative Licensing

Anna Ihlis’ song "Dance" blends passionate vocals, lighthearted lyrics and energetic instrumentation into one infectious track. Music production house Tattoo carried the rights to the song and contacted Music Dealers to help convince Joe Fresh to pair its spot with Anna's music, which Music Dealers accomplished through its close relationship with the artist and her work.

The Result

The 300,000+ Club

By matching "Dance" with "Whites & Stripes," Joe Fresh created a commercial that fostered active engagement with viewers during a pivotal time in the brand's sales calendar. Of the 140 videos on the brand's YouTube page, "Whites & Stripes" garnered the most views, totaling over 300K. Anna Ihlis, a Swedish artist who lives in a cabin in the woods, was able to purchase a church and fit it with a recording studio and stage to continue developing her art.

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