“Winter Collection”

December 4, 2015
“Winter Collection”

Known for its effortlessly stylish and trendsetting apparel, Garage is a clothing and accessories company based in Montreal and is the preferred outfitter of many teenaged girls and young women. A subsidiary of Groupe Dynamite, Garage recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and four decades of influence over the hearts, minds, and closets of shoppers everywhere. The brand secured this role in the retail space through both on-trend styles and on-brand marketing, such as its effective use of music in advertisements like the commercials “Young, Wild and Free” and “Into the Woods” that showcase its Winter 2015 collection.




Garage Clothing


The Challenge

Chic Musique

Montreal has been described as a creative hub of music-charged, post-industrial revival. Design icons like Garage have contributed to that praise by connecting with its teen customer base through bringing fashion, music, and creativity to the forefront of its communications. The ads in its “Winter Collection” campaign would have to maintain that trend and feature music that is just as chic as the clothing itself.

The Solution

Online Music Search

Ever the creative visionaries, marketing specialists Melissa Bissell and Joanie St-Jean of Groupe Dynamite browsed the Music Dealers catalog for songs that matched the emotions of the campaign and the brand, as well as for artists whose music their consumers would genuinely enjoy. The search tool revealed the songs “We’ll Wait” by Vittoria Fleet and “Host” by Totemo, both of which Garage synced with the two commercials “Young, Wild and Free” and “Into the Woods.”

The Result

Marketing with Music

One of our favorite things about Garage Clothing is the brand’s commitment to giving its consumer base an authentic music experience, such as by Instagramming music festivals (#garagefestival) or by hosting exclusive VIP concerts for high-school students. Garage continued that effort by featuring the music of Vittoria Fleet and Totemo. Just two weeks before the campaign launched, Vittoria Fleet released its newest LP, “Greed” — the timing couldn’t have been more perfect if we had planned it. Additionally, Garage featured Totemo and “Host” on its weekly Monday Music playlist that streams on its log via the brand’s SoundCloud page. All of these factors enclosed Garage’s consumers in a snow-globe of music-based marketing that hopefully will resonate with shoppers throughout the holiday season.

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